Take on the role of a football manager in this realistic soccer strategy game.

You are a young, promising football manager at the start of your career. A handful of small clubs are prepared to gamble on your potential and make you their manager. Choose one and take it from the bottom league all the way to European glory. Or will you ditch them when other jobs become available at bigger and better clubs, working your way up to managing one of the giants of European football?

There are 750 clubs to manage across 9 European countries including England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Portugal, Turkey and the Netherlands. Each country has realistic league and cup competitions, meaning there are 64 trophies to compete for in total – how much silverware can you win?!

There are 17,000 players in the game and your scouts will regularly provide reports on as many as they can. Make offers to buy or loan them, using your business acumen to negotiate transfer fees and personal terms. You’ll be in control of player sales too – will you accept that big offer for your star player?

Each season your chairman will give you a realistic target to achieve. This could be something like avoid relegation, finish in the top 10 or even win the league. The chairman will expect you to steadily improve the team, so usually the targets will get higher and higher each season.You will be given a transfer budget and a wage budget for the season which you can spend on whoever you want. But be careful you don’t spend what you don’t have as the chairman will not take kindly to this and it could have a negative effect on your job security, maybe even resulting in the sack!

As you career progresses, so your reputation will increase and other clubs will consider appointing you as their manager. You can apply for other jobs either in the same country you’re currently managing in or abroad. But make sure you check out the state of the club first – you don’t want to take on a side doomed to relegation, or a team which doesn’t have much money as that wouldn’t be good for your career.

There are other personnel to help you manage the club. The Head Coach, Academy Coach, Physio, Head Scout, Youth Scout and Fitness Coach all play their part in the success of the club. Hire and fire them at the right time to achieve the best results for your team.

Before each match you must pick the team, carefully considering the fitness and skill level of each player. Choose the formation and tactics to suit the opponent you’re facing and then it’s kick off.

As the match unfolds, change tactics if you need to. Have you taken the lead against tough opposition? Consider switching to a more defensive mentality to grind out the win. Is your midfielder’s fitness levels dropping too low? Maybe it’s time to freshen the team up with a substitution. But if you make all your subs too early and then pick up an injury, what will you do then?!

These tough decisions are part and parcel of managing the team on match day and will ultimately shape your career.

Do whatever it takes to win all 64 trophies and become the ultimate Soccer Boss.