Show me the money!

Everybody wants to get rich quick, and what better way to do so than being a modern day Football Agent.

In this innovative take on the football manager genre, you are an up and coming agent. Can you wheel and deal in the transfer window getting good moves for your players? Do you have what it takes to handle a stable of ego-driven young footballers and shape their careers? If you think you can make money in the murky world of modern football, leave your morals at the door and step this way…

  • Find promising youth players and sign them up to your agency
  • Tout your players to other clubs, but don’t let their chairman find out!
  • Negotiate transfer deals and contracts on behalf of your players
  • Find lucrative sponsorship deals for your players — don’t worry, you’ll get your 10%!
  • Upgrade your office so you can represent more players
  • Upgrade your Scout to discover better players — can you find the next wonderkid?
  • Upgrade your Commercial Manager to attract better sponsors
  • Buy luxury items and properties — show off your bling!
  • No ads
  • Just one in-app purchase to unlock the full game — the first four seasons are free
  • Achievements and Leaderboards on Game Center