We are delighted to announce that our latest game Swerve Soccer is currently in development. It will be available to download for free on Android & iOS devices later in 2024.

Swerve Soccer is a retro arcade game inspired by classic football games such as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off. The focus is on thrilling gameplay and the ability to have full control over the ball. You can add left or right swerve, topspin and backspin to your shots and passes, meaning all sorts of goals, crosses and through balls are possible.

There will be a thorough Career mode featuring 1,000 clubs from 53 leagues in 12 countries to control. There will be 20,000 players in the database for you to buy, sell and train as you make your way from the lower leagues to the pinnacle of world football.

Each player has skill ratings in various categories such as Passing, Speed, Shooting, Tackling etc. Some players also have special abilities such as Crossing and Finishing meaning strategy is required to find the best players to suit your playing style. Will you buy speedy wingers with the Crossing ability to whip dangerous crosses into the opponent’s box? Or will you fill your team with excellent passers and play a patient, possession-based style of football?

Realistic clubs and competitions from the following countries will be included: England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, Russia, Netherlands, Turkey, Scotland, Brazil & Argentina.

The game has full customisation, including playing vertically (like Sensible Soccer) or horizontally (like FIFA & PES). The camera can be zoomed in very close or vary far out, and the camera angle can also be adjusted from a shallow ‘over the shoulder’ view to a top-down 2D view like in Kick Off.

Each goal is shown again in a comprehensive action replay which can be customised to view the action from many angles.

The touch screen controls are very responsive, allowing for a fluid game of soccer on mobile devices. The game is also compatible with external controllers so you can connect your favourite joypad via Bluetooth and control the action that way if you wish.

Swerve Soccer is still in development and will soon be entering Beta. We will announce more news here and on our Twitter & Facebook channels as soon as we have it, so follow us to keep up to date with the game’s progression.

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