iOS football strategy game Soccer Boss is on course for a Summer 2020 release with an Android version to follow at the end of the year.

To get an idea of what Soccer Boss is about, imagine playing Soccer Tycoon but you are the manager instead of the owner of a club.

I had many requests from fans of Soccer Tycoon to update the game and allow them to pick the team for each match, but I was uncomfortable with this for two reasons:

1) Club owners do not pick the team, that is the job of the manager.
2) This would slow the game down considerably.

I know that many fans of Soccer Tycoon like the fact you can whizz through a season in about 20-30 minutes if you so wish, and that wouldn’t be possible if you had to pick a team, set the formation and strategy, watch the match unfold, make subs etc.

So I decided to make another version of Soccer Tycoon where you are the manager instead, and the result of that is Soccer Boss. It’s 50% an update to Soccer Tycoon and 50% a new game.

Those familiar with Soccer Tycoon will recognise many similarities, but I feel Soccer Boss now has more depth as managing your players between matches and changing tactics and players during a match are new challenges.

The game is still in development and all being well it should be ready for testing in a few weeks time. Below are a few screenshots of the latest version: