Work is continuing on Soccer Tycoon, with the bulk of the code now written and the game in a playable, though unpolished state.

There are 876 clubs across 10 countries in the game, any of which can be bought and controlled. A database of 17,500 players should indicate that this will be a comprehensive, detailed soccer sim to get stuck into. However, it retains the same fast-paced gameplay that made Soccer Agent such a popular title, albeit with more depth and strategy involved.

The players are fictional, but I am considering adding a data editor for those who wish to change the player names. I will also include the ability to create and upload data files to use in the game allowing for authentic club names, ground names and club colours to be used.

There is a realistic match engine which can relay the main incidents in text form, or you can just skip to the final score.

Staff to hire and fire include:

• Manager
• Head Coach
• Academy Coach
• Physio
• Commercial Manager
• Head Scout
• Youth Scout

Aspects of your club to develop and upgrade include:

• Stadium
• Training Ground
• Youth Academy
• Medical Centre
• Club Shop

Finally, unlike the Agent games there will be no Unlock Game feature – it will be free to play forever. This means it will have to be supported by ads (which can be removed with an In-App Purchase) and some In-App Purchases which will speed up progression through the game if desired, but are not necessary. Rest assured, the game will NOT be a pay-to-win title.