Soccer Tycoon problem with iOS 13.1

We are aware that users who have upgraded to iOS 13.1 are unable to open the app. We are working on a fix for this right now and will be issuing an update to the App Store shortly to fix this problem. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Work almost done on Soccer Tycoon for Android

Work is almost complete on Soccer Tycoon for Android. The game is in the final stages of development, but with testing to follow, it won’t be available on Google Play for a few months yet. Further news will appear here when its available.

Soccer Tycoon out now!

Soccer Tycoon has been released on the App Store and is available to download for free. It is a football strategy game similar in genre to other successful iOS titles such as Football Manager, Football Chairman, New Star Soccer and Club Soccer Director.

Soccer Tycoon is nearing completion

After a successful beta release, Soccer Tycoon is now having the finishing touches put to it and will be available on the App Store very soon. The screenshots for iTunes have been done and give a good indication of the game’s content:

Football manager game for iPhone & iPad

Soccer Tycoon beta version almost ready

The final touches are being applied to Soccer Tycoon before it’s ready for beta testing. Much work is being done polishing up the user interface. The screen where you can upgrade your club’s stadium and other facilities such as Training Ground, Medical Centre, Club Shop and Youth Academy has now finished. Check out the promo video below showcasing this. Music by Jeval Halton.

Agent games update on its way, Soccer Tycoon to follow

Progress is being made on forthcoming management sim ‘Soccer Tycoon’, which is developing very nicely. However, it is still some way from completion, so I’ve decided to put it on the backburner for a while and give Soccer Agent, Basketball Agent and Hockey Agent a long overdue update. These are the main new features you can expect in the Agent games update: • Rival agencies,…

Football manager game for iPhone & iPad

Soccer Tycoon about 75% done – progress update

Work is continuing on Soccer Tycoon, with the bulk of the code now written and the game in a playable, though unpolished state. There are 876 clubs across 10 countries in the game, any of which can be bought and controlled. A database of 17,500 players should indicate that this will be a comprehensive, detailed soccer sim to get stuck into. However, it retains the…

Results screen

Phase one of Soccer Tycoon is complete

The development of forthcoming football management sim Soccer Tycoon is progressing well, with the skeleton of the game now in place. The player can take charge of a club from one of nine leading European nations (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, Russia, Netherlands & Turkey). There are plans to add the Chinese League too later in development. The game currently simulates 23 leagues and…

Soccer Tycoon in early development

We are excited to announce that a new football management game is currently being developed here at Top Drawer Games. Following on from the success and popularity of Soccer Agent, the same fast-paced, addictive gameplay will be applied to a more in-depth football title. Set in a fully simulated football universe featuring multiple clubs and players from around the world, you will be tasked with…